BI tools and the improvement of user experience

The BI (business intelligence) department at Reitmans is currently going through many changes. The team is growing and a new reporting/dashboarding tool, Birst, has been acquired. The BI team aims to migrate existing reports from its current BI tool, Microstrategy, to Birst. In order for end users to adopt this new tool, they need to trust the accuracy of the data and find the reports and/or dashboard more insightful than what they are currently using. In addition, the reports and dashboards must be easy to navigate through. The intern will apply best practices of a well deployed data migration project to lead to better usage of the new BI tool within the organisation and improve the BI team’s efficiency in answering questions and requests from end users.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marie-Claude Trudel


Roxanne Giorgi


Reitmans (Canada) Limited


Computer science


Consumer goods


HEC Montréal



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