Bio-based Latexes using Switchable Hydrophilicity Solvent (SHS)

The proposal focuses on the design and synthesis of novel bio-based, biodegradable materials to be used in packaging and protective coatings (varnishes), and targeted at replacing the nonrenewable, non- biodegradable materials currently used to manufacture these products. Our new process allows us to obtain a desired combination of material properties, and also eliminates the need for using VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). We achieve this using a new type of solvent whose properties can be “switched” simply by introducing or removing CO2 into or from the mixture. BC Research as a partner organisation has a keen interest in exploiting the work, which has the potential to produce latexes from biopolymers, thereby reducing environmental risks as well as environmental pollution.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Cunningham;Philip Jessop


Maedeh Ramezani


BC Research Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


Queen's University


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