Bioinformatic Tools for high throughput design of Environmental Immunodiagnostics

Environmental Proteomics NB is a biotechnology design and production company that develops systems to measure levels of important proteins, in particular proteins involved in major environmental and industrial processes. Environmental Proteomics uses computational analyses of genetic and protein data, or bioinformatics, to develop these molecular systems to detect and quantitate specific proteins, even in the presence of complex contaminating mixtures. The proposed intern will work on these design projects, and will develop new computational approaches to acclerate the design and production of these valuable systems. The products are marketed around the world, with rapidly growing demand. Improved bioinformatic design processes will help Environmental Proteomics maintain and develop a leadership position in this niche market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Douglas Campbell


Olga Zhaxbayeva


Environmental Proteomics




Life sciences


Mount Allison University



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