Biomass Upgrading with Natural Gas for Fuel and Renewable Chemicals

Biomass valorization with natural gas to produce high-quality fuel and sustainable chemicals (i.e. aromatics) will be investigated under mild conditions (400ºC, <5MPa). The technical feasibility will be further verified on a laboratory scale reactor. The catalysts will be optimized, and the related mechanisms will be better explored using isotopic labeling molecular and versatile advanced characterization techniques (i.e. DRIFTS, XPS, XAS, HRTEM). This process will be finally scaled up and tested on a pilot-scale testing facility at partner organization, which will gain more useful information for further industrial applications. Once this can be done economically, it will significantly reduce the capital and operational costs associated with H2, which makes the produced bio-oil more cost competitive with conventional oil. It also will improve the competitiveness of partner organization in the market and bring more social and economic benefits.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hua Song


Aiguo Wang



Engineering - chemical / biological


Oil and gas




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