Blockchain-based data integrity verification scheme for cloud storage

With the development of information technology, people’s requirements for computing storage capacity are also increasing. And cloud storage is an important part of the system architecture for implementing cloud platform. Although many studies believe that cloud platforms provide a reliable and secure data storage center, the security problem is still the main problem in cloud storage. In particular, data integrity is a core security issue in reliable cloud storage. In traditional solutions, users need to rely on the third-party audit for data integrity verification. In this project, we present a data integrity verification framework based blockchain technology in cloud storage, which provides a more open and transparent, auditable data verification solution. In this data integrity verification framework, the blockchain will replace the third-party audit, and the users submit the data integrity verification request to the cloud platform, apply the smart contract technology for integrity verification. Coinchain has plans to take cloud platform management as its future development direction. The project outcome will not only help industry partners upgrade traditional blockchain business and promote business expansion in cloud computing related projects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jiangchuan Liu


Jeungeun Rachel Song


Coinchain Capital


Computer science



Simon Fraser University


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