Bluetooth Enabled Radiation Detectors


The project involves adding Bluetooth connectivity to a gamma radiation detector. The resulting device will be simple, small, low cost and rugged, making it ideal for the Homeland Security and similar markets.
Environmental Instruments Canada Inc. (EIC) is located in Saskatoon and designs and manufactures radiation detection equipment, mainly for use in uranium mines and similar settings. EIC has developed a small, inexpensive, low power gamma radiation detector. EIC wishes to connect this detector to mobile devices, such as Blackberries, via Bluetooth. The mobile device would process the raw data and display the results.  The mobile device would also be responsible for control of the detector. This will allow the actual radiation detecting device to remain very simple and low cost. It will also allow the radiation detecting device to be rugged and sealed. Customers for this radiation detector would include First Responders, Homeland Security and the general public. The intern will be involved with designing and testing hardware to add Bluetooth support to EIC’s existing radiation detection device.  This will involve determining the requirements of the design, deciding on the best method for implementing the design, implementing the design, and testing the design.
Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Seok-Bum Ko


Jon Churko


Environmental Instruments Canada Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Saskatchewan



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