BoneTape: A Novel Craniomaxillofacial Fixation Technology

Craniofacial fractures require stabilization to restore appearance, facilitate healing and improve patient’s outcomes. The current standard of care is rigid titanium plates, which require drilling, screws and bending of titanium plates with plyers during surgery to conform to the complex geometry of the face. This is an over engineered solution that is not only difficult to use, but also results in complications including pain and discomfort which require follow-up surgeries in as many as 50% of facial fracture fixation procedures. Cohesys is developing a bio-absorbable flexible tape and adhesive system, BoneTapeTM, that is easier for clinicians to use to use and will result in better patient outcomes. We are looking to leverage the creativity and talents of top Canadian biomedical researchers to transition our prototype into a licenced medical device that can make an impact where it matters – in the hands of surgeons who perform these procedures every week.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Santerre


Alexander Lausch


Cohesys Inc.


Engineering - biomedical


Medical devices




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