Boundary effects on spatial collision data aggregation to areal units

Traffic accident data aggregation relates with boundary issues is OTS's first project with University of Calgary. Several years of collision data, traffic network and neighborhood will be collected from OTS. This project contains implicit knowledge to improve the data aggregation method which has significant impact of data sharing on neighborhood boundaries. The first part of this study will focus on literature review and practicing existing methods to identify key factors and issues influencing the collision data aggregation on neighborhood boundaries. The second part is to find new efficient method of data aggregation from historical traffic safety related data. Results from the proposed study will help OTS to prepare more reasonable and justifiable spatial collision dataset for City of Edmonton. The propose study result expects to assist analyzing traffic accidents to reduce collision frequency and make the City of Edmonton safe from traffic accidents.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Xin Wang


Abul Kalam Azad


City of Edmonton


Engineering - other


Construction and infrastructure


University of Calgary



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