Brain wave technologies for brain function monitoring and prognostication following severe anoxic brain injury

This project will use a breakthrough brainwave technology to track the recovery of patients who have serious brain injury after cardiac arrest. Doctors currently rely on behaviour-based tests at the patient’s bedside to measure their brain function, but this is not reliable. A better method is to measure brain function directly using brainwave information. We have created a new technology that can measure many different brain functions in a short time. The two different parts of the technology will allow us to measure different functions in the brain, including sensation, attention, language and awareness. The partner company HealthTech Connex Inc. is in the process of bringing to market a similar device called NeuroCatch, which also measures brain vital signs. The information gathered in this project will help the company better understand the impact of their technology on improving patient care.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaowei Song


Careesa Liu


Health Tech Connex


Engineering - other


Medical devices




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