Brainstem and cerebellar seizures: novel measures, modulations, and relationship to SUDEP

Epilepsy-related sudden death occurs following uncontrolled recurrent seizure which are usually non-responsive to antiepileptic drugs. These patients found dead in bed usually following heart and respiratory arrest. It is not known whether seizure-affected brain regions regulating cardiorespiratory function play a role in this complication and if so, what is the mechanism underneath in order to treat early to prevent death. In this project, we aim to understand (1) which cardiorespiratory brain regions(s) are involved or whether the brain sensors for elevated CO2 are impaired and, if the regional alteration can be fixed by injecting selected drugs, (2) if the brain waves activity alteration can predict seizure- ending to death events, (3) If stimulation of selected brain regions can inhibit seizure occurrence and prevent death.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Carlen


Amir Reza Peimani;Azadeh Sabetghadam


Novela Neurotech


Engineering - biomedical


Health care and social assistance


University of Toronto



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