Build Cross Platform Mobile application supporting various screen resolutions

Diversity among the mobile platforms requires an application developer to develop separate applications for each platform. Reason for this is the unique technological support and features that each platform comes embedded with. To use the features associated with any particular platform, we need to use the underlying SDK supported by that platform. Major market share (more than 98%) is dominated by three mobile platforms Android, Apple iOS, and Windows phone. For any business application it becomes necessary to have support on all major platforms. A simple approach for having support on all platforms is to develop separate applications for them using underlying SDKs. However it requires a lot of efforts to be put in by the company in form of labor and money. Cross platform mobile application development has emerged a best alternative to this problem that makes development and maintenance of any application easier. It enables the use of a single technological platform to develop application for all major mobile platforms rather than using platform specific SDKs. This approach focuses on the commonality among the features of the targeted platforms rather than diversity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Liang Chen


Raj Singh Dhawal


Noratek Solutions Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Northern British Columbia



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