Building Equity and Inclusion through the Arts

Teaching through the arts has often been heralded as an effective way to engage marginalized students. As such, it would seem that an arts-infused approach to learning may promote equity and inclusion in schools. This research project endeavours to engage students as co-researchers to investigate how exactly the arts and creativity allow moments of equity to arise in the classroom. To achieve this overarching objective, the intern will develop a pre- and post- equity consciousness assessment tool for students, as well as a documentation strategy for students to capture and reflect on moments of equity that arise during their participation in an ArtsSmarts project. These tools will advance the research agenda of ArtsSmarts Waterloo Region and also support the work of Overlap Associates in fostering innovation by building inclusive contexts for collaboration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Normand Labrie


Gail Prasad


Overlap Associates




Management of companies and enterprises


University of Toronto



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