Building Fog Applications for Smart City: a Coordination Approach

The project deploys and try out a coordination model and platform that helps developers to build smart city applications that run in large scale, dynamic fog computing infrastructure. Fog computing is a computing infrastructure that involves devices across the edge network such as smart phones, smart cars, the access network such as Wi-Fi routers, modems and the cloud servers. The coordination model being evaluated takes into account the physical context of the computing elements, such as the location of a car and provides context-dependent primitives that can be used to express the application logic. The project involves the setup, provision and deployment of smart city devices on smart city infrastructure, such as lamp posts or traffic elements. Several application scenarios are developed using the computing infrastructure. The coordination model and platform are evaluated based on packet delivery ratio and the coverage of participating devices in one application.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victor Leung


Nam Ky Giang


Moovee Innovation Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Automotive and transportation




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