Building Performance Evaluation of Leading Energy Efficient Homes in Southern Ontario

The focus of this project is on building performance evaluation (BPE) in residential houses in Southern Ontario. Eight green homes will undergo BPE to see how well they are performing. The project will compare current building performance to the designed building performance. This comparison can help to see whether a “performance gap” exists. A performance gap is a difference between the actual building performance and the designed building performance. It will use on-site testing, collection of existing data, and observations from residents of the homes. If a performance gap exists, causes will be identified and studied.
The project will benefit Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) as they work to improve building standards in Canada. SBC can use the project to grow their understanding of the causes of performance gaps in homes. The knowledge gained from the project can be used by design teams to improve building design in the future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Gorgolewski


Laura Goetz


Sustainable Buildings Canada


Architecture and design


Professional, scientific and technical services


Ryerson University



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