Building Prosperity / Building Communities: exploring the value of landscape level approaches to heritage and diversity

How can cities positively make use of their heritage in ways which support future their prosperity and quality of life? This is the question at the heart of a research collaboration between the City-Region Studies Centre (CRSC), at the University of Alberta, and the Edmonton Heritage Council (EHC). Edmonton is experiencing a period of rapid growth and development, transforming the city into a modern metropolitan centre. Drawing on recent developments in planning scholarship and policy – described as Historic Urban Landscape Approaches (HUL) — we explore how Edmonton’s urban heritage can inform its transformation and contribute to the creation of vibrant, inclusive and prosperous communities. Our research will build and understanding of HUL concepts both through a review of current research and practice, and through a series of case study analysis which explore parts of Edmonton as historic urban landscapes, including in relation to ongoing development in Old Strathcona and the planned revitalisation of River Crossing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rob Shields


Vanessa Zembal


Edmonton Heritage Council


Cultural studies


Management of companies and enterprises


University of Alberta



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