Building Scalable Business Transaction and Data Mining Systems For Insurance Workloads

Farmers of North America (FNA) and FNA Strategic Agriculture Institute (FNA STAG) are two Canadian organizations dedicated to maximizing farm profitability. They collect and analyze demographic, legal, marketing and relevant data about its producers and partnering commodity organizations to understand the farmer market need and create strategies for business operation functionality. With this project, the organizations will get two database systems, the market/consumer research and distributed database. The research database system will allow them to generate and manage surveys to collect, disseminate, receive and collate data about producers and commodity organizations; track, compile and manage the collected data. The distributed database system will allow them to manage their operation functionality; collect data relevant for marketing purposes; connect to trade related websites, suppliers, credit insurer IT databases, lenders, potential/actual grain and commodity broker websites; and capture information useful to further development of the program in future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ralph Deters


Mayra Samaniego


Farmers of North America Strategic Agriculture Institute


Computer science




University of Saskatchewan



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