Calibration and characterization of micro-spectrometer

Project will see the calibration and characterization of a next-generation spectrometer for advancing both atmospheric research and the Canadian space community by providing instruments for atmospheric research for UAVs and nanosatellites. Calibrating these spectrometers will give the science community a new way to monitor atmospheric gases such as greenhouse gas or pipeline leaks with the option of a low-mass, low-cost and reliable measurement from an airborne platform. Canadian aerospace firms are already recognized as world leaders in optical technology, and the first development and flight of a micro-sized, temperature-insensitive SHS instrument for both UAV and space platform would extend this competitive advantage both by cementing a Canadian claim to the technology as well as ensuring the continued production of HQP in the field.

Faculty Supervisor:

Regina Lee


Andrew Lohmann


Honeywell Aerospace




Aerospace and defense


York University



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