Calibration-Free Continuous Pulse Oximeter Monitoring Using Deep Learning

Oxygen saturation, i.e. SpO2 is the fifth most important vital sign after heart rate (HR), body temperature (BT), blood pressure (BP), and breathing rate (BR). Oxygen saturation indicates if sufficient oxygen is being supplied to the body.
Continuous SpO2 monitoring is highly beneficial for detection and prevention of several diseases. In more details, continuous SpO2 monitoring is essential for people with sleep apnea syndrome, those who experience respiratory disorder or have chronic respiratory failure.
Such a system would continuously monitor blood oxygenation and send an alarm to the person or the caregiver when it falls below the normal range.
It is best to record the individual’s level of SpO2 continuously and over a long period to determine their typical range at rest and at various levels of activity so that abnormal decreases can be detected.
Since our device is non-invasive and allows immediate, continuous and real time monitoring, its use can be expanded to include other purposes such as screening, diagnosis, patient follow-up, and self-monitoring.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hilmi Dajani


Mana Shahriari


VitalTracer Ltd.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices




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