Calibration of the laser metrology system on the X-ray telescope Astro-H

The Canadian ASTRO-H Metrology System (CAMS) is a laser-based device that will be designed and built in Canada and flown in space onboard the x-ray telescope, ASTRO-H. The purpose of the CAMS is to accurately measure structural deformations of the telescope structure during observations so the scientific images acquired can be enhanced by removing the errors introduced by the motion. The proposed internship focuses on the implementation of the CAMS device alongside the x-ray telescope. This requires data processing algorithms that use CAMS measurements to precisely adjust the position of each photon recorded by the telescope. On orbit calibration of the CAMS is also required so the development of a comprehensive calibration strategy is part of the proposed research. The intern will have the support of two partner organizations, the Canadian Space Agency and the Neptec Design Group, as well as the prime investigator for the CAMS, Luigi Gallo

Faculty Supervisor:

Luigi Gallo


Casey Lambert


Neptec Design Group



Aerospace and defense


Saint Mary's University



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