Canadian Architectural Education, Accreditation, and Certification trends in a Changing Environment

The proposed research will follow four steps within the scope of this Mitacs grant:
1. Collect data from existing sources, including the CACB, regarding Canadian Schools of Architecture statistics;
2. Find gaps in the data collection and seek out the missing data from Schools of Architecture and/or the partner organizations;
3. Collate the data as a whole and begin quantitative analysis according to several questions outlined above (i.e. how many hours does each School devote to design studio instruction per week?);
4. Interpret the data in terms of qualitative analysis in order to address qualitative questions surrounding certification and accreditation within Canadian Schools of Architecture (i.e. does the amount of Canadian architecture graduates correspond to them becoming certified or completing internship within 3-5 years? And what does this tell us about the transition from School to licensure in Canada compared with other countries?)

Faculty Supervisor:

Anne Bordeleau


Jessica Rachel Lam


Canadian Architectural Certification Boards


Architecture and design


Construction and infrastructure




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