Cannabis and Death-Anxiety

In partnership with True North Clinical Research, two studies are proposed to examine the moderating effect of using cannabis on anxiety in response to death-thoughts. In Study 1, participants will be randomly assigned to consume cannabis either before or after thinking about death. Self-reported affect will be assessed to determine if cannabis helps reduce death-anxiety. Study 2 will examine several potential moderators (e.g., personality factors associated with sensitivity to rewards and punishments; investment in pro-cannabis beliefs and values) and mediators (e.g., reactive approach motivation; reduced threat sensitivity) of the relationship between cannabis and anxiety following death-contemplation. This research will help True North understand the potential benefit of prescribing cannabis for the clinical treatment of anxiety. More broadly, it may also contribute to a growing literature on the medicinal effects of cannabis, as well as the literature on how people cope with the awareness of death.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joseph Hayes


Amanda Gouthro


True North Clinical Research




Health care and social assistance


Acadia University



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