Cathode Design for All-Solid-State Lithium-Tellurium Batteries

Battery technologies are urgently needed for emerging high-tech applications, such as medical implants, wireless sensors, wireless devices. These new devices have very limited space and require high reliability, and therefore demand the batteries could provide high energy per volume and high safety. Current Li-ion batteries cannot meet this demand due to its relatively low energy per volume and safety risks (leakage, fire, and explosion). To address these challenges, Prof. Jian Liu’s group at The University of British Columbia and Fenix Advanced Materials, a clean technology company specializing in the manufacturing of ultra-high purity metals, team up to develop all-solid-state lithium-tellurium (Li-Te) batteries. This new-generation Li-Te battery is expected to possess volumetric energy density about 2-3 times folds of current Li-ion batteries, and intrinsic high safety, and will have a positive economic, environmental, and social impact in BC and Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jian Liu


Mohammad Hossein Aboonasr Shiraz;Hongzheng Zhu


Fenix Advanced Materials Inc


Engineering - other






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