Challenge and Virtual Environment Research to support Social and Economic Recovery from the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted the social and economic fabric of communities around the world. This has profound implications for the sustainability and innovation challenges those communities are facing, and for the higher education institutions and professional educational businesses who have missions to prepare and support those communities to tackle those challenges.
This research will identify, document and generate recommendations for addressing several aspects of the social and economic disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis. The knowledge generated by this research will be invaluable for How to Change the World Canada and its partner network of Canadian universities and colleges, business and governments as they develop and implement their strategic adaptions to the coronavirus crisis.
This underpinning aspiration of this research is to inform and stimulate a social and economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis in Canada that is as sustainable, inclusive and empowering as possible for every Canadian.

Faculty Supervisor:

Medhat Shehata;Usman Khan;Cao Thang Dinh;Jim Nicell


Aine Nuraizza Nuruddin;Anum Khan;Cynthia Okafor;Leilah Yadia Kelly Sory;Mackenzie Briand;Maria Butt;Mark Castillo;Murad Gohar;Stephanie Tran


How to Change the World Canada Incorporated







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