Changes of people’s livelihood in nature reserve areas in China during a rapid transition period

The development of nature reserves (NRs) in China is occurring simultaneously with the huge economic and social changes in the past 30 years. The rapid changes of economic and society push local people to change their livelihood faster to adapt to it. What’s the effects of all of those changes among society, economic and environment? How to adapt to them? Is there anything to do to help them better adapt to the rapid changes? How to improve the current management system? To answer these questions, a multiple case study method combining with semistructure interview will be conducted in three NRs in China. The relationships among economic development, society changes and environment policies will be analyzed and a governance management suggestion will be provided in order to help local people to adapt changes and improve livelihoods.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Innes


Weiye Wang






University of British Columbia


Globalink Research Award

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