Changing children’s awareness and behavior toward environmentally sustainable practices through educative programs

In order to improve the understanding and awareness for students about the management of energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable practices, this study will evaluate the effectiveness on changing children’s awareness and behavior toward those aspects through of the implementation of educative material, previously developed by Nature’s Ride, by way of scholastic workshops on primary school children. This study is foreseen helping students gain a clearer understanding of energy-saving practices in their everyday life, to achieve a greater awareness level. A stage of the collection of research data will be done through the use of questionnaires, at the beginning and the end of the fall and winter semesters, to identify the effectiveness of the educative program on their awareness and behavioral change about environmentally sustainable practices. Consequently, according to the responses provided by each child, it will be determined the methodology that will allow an improvement in the educative program delivery to reach a superior grade of learning and consciousness by those students who will attend workshops.

Faculty Supervisor:

Irene Herremans;Sarah St. Clair Skett


Karla Gabriela Ordaz


Nature’s Ride






University of Calgary



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