Characterization of a Biolubricant Based on Sulfated Polysaccharide Derived from Brown Algae

Lubricant is the substance used to decrease the friction generated between the two surfaces undergo relative motion. There are many applications for naturally occurring lubricants in medical field to improve a patient’s quality of life. Fucoidan is one of the naturally occurring lubricants that has the potential of reducing adhesion after an abdominal surgery. ARC Medical devices have developed an advanced manufacturing process to produce ultra-pure fucoidan that’s more suitable for clinical application. Additional understanding on how fucoidan provide its excellent adhesion reduction properties for hydrophilic surface is still required. Therefore, the current project is not only to study the optimal application range of ARC Medical’s fucoidan but also to determine the underlying cause for the excellent lubricating properties fucoidan provided under an aqueous environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dana Grecov


Han Hung (Nick) Yeh


ARC Medical Devices Inc






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