Characterization of Carotenogenic Heterotrophs for Production of High-Value Antioxidants

The development of novel biotechnologies will be a key component of the economic growth and development of Canada’s changing economy. A critical component of this will be fostering the development of start-up companies that can capitalize on these new opportunities. The Myera Group is an indigenous-led company in Manitoba that is developing novel biotechnologies for Canada’s new economy. This project focuses on the development of microorganisms that can produce a profile of novel high-value carotenoids (chemically related to ?-carotene). These carotenoids have an array of applications as antioxidants and also may have a role in improving eye health. Sold either directly as a dietary supplement, or as an additive to functional foods, novel carotenoids is an emerging area with large growth potential. This project has the goal of taking the producing organisms from the academic ‘lab-bench’ (grams of product) of to the industrial process scale (kilograms of product). Success in this project will provide Myera Group with a unique revenue stream and foster future economic growth and development.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Sorensen


Warren Blunt


Myera Nu-Agri-Nomics Group Canada Inc




Alternative energy




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