Characterization of NanoSOI NEMS electrostatic actuators


 A minituarized bio sensor employing a nanoelectromechanical resonator fabricated using a nanodimension silicon on insulator technology (NanoSOI) will be modeled and characterized. The NanoSOI technology has been developed by university researchers in collaboration with CMC Microsystems (Ontario) and Applied Nanotools (Alberta). The approach allows for very thin resonators with high resolution. The device under study is functionalized by a specific material that can absorb bio cells or bacteria, thereby altering the resonator mass and leading to detection. During the internship, the resonator will be modeled to find optimum design parameters and to predict the nano-device behaviour. The model will be validated through experiments using University of Waterloo testing equipment able to measure vibrations at the nano scale. The results of this internship will be used by CMC to provide design guidelines and testing methodology to university researchers across Canada, and by Applied Nanotools to enhance their advanced nano device manufacturing capability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Eihab Abdel-Rahman


Shahrzad Towfighian


CMC Microsystems And Applied Nanotools


Engineering - mechanical




University of Waterloo



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