Characterization of Stabilized Lithium Ion Battery Materials

Micro-scale particles composed of high-voltage spinel LNMO (LiNi1-xMnxO4) will be characterized using electron microscopy techniques. These particles are stabilized through the inclusion of coating materials. The methods to prepare these particle coatings consisted of either an in-situ or post-synthetic method. The interface between the particle and the coating will be characterized at the atomic-scale by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HR-TEM). Specifically, the composition, their relative concentrations, the distribution of these elements, and structural information of the materials will each be acquired through these electron microscopy techniques. Nano-scale cross-sections of particle coatings to view the interface between these materials will be prepared through specialized sample preparation techniques. Focused ion beam milling and microtome methods will be employed to achieve these cross-sections. The data from these analyses will be used to elucidate a mechanism for observed enhancements to the performance of these cathode materials in assembled batteries.

Faculty Supervisor:

Byron Gates


Audrey Taylor


Nano One Materials Corp








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