Characterization of the state of health and aging effects of Li Ion Batteries

From cell phones to laptops, from electric vehicles to medical portable devices, from renewable energy storage to emergency backup units, batteries have become an integral part of modern day electronic devices and systems. As batteries get aged, due to repeated charge and discharge cycles, the health of the battery deteriorates. The poor health of a battery can result in malfunctioning of electronic devices and therefore, it is pertinent to accurately predict the state of health of the battery so that a timely replacement could be performed. However, determination of health of a battery is a complex task, which requires sophisticated techniques and cutting edge equipment. The aim of this study is to enhance the battery health monitoring methods and hardware equipment to make it robust and efficient. Since, Cadex Electronics Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing battery analyzer devices that determine the health
of a battery, this findings of this study will be used to improve existing battery analyzing technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

William Dunford


Hassan Shabbir


Cadex Electronics


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of British Columbia



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