Chemically Modified Graphene-Like Carbon for Water Purification and Charge Storage Applications

This internship will focus on the chemical modification of a graphene-like material developed by 3M Canada towards membranes for the removal of divalent cations from water and chargestorage materials (supercapacitors). The need for improved purification technologies, specifically those that target the removal of divalent cations, such as calcium and magnesium, which are found in hard water, has never been greater due to the growth of our population and the related industrial and agricultural sectors of the Canadian economy. Furthermore, the use of low-cost carbonaceous materials as replacements for relatively expensive and toxic heavy metals in charge-storage devices is extremely important as our nation continues to develop strategies for the sustainable production and efficient use of our energy resources. The research conducted during this Mitacs-funded project will explore the transformation of 3M Canada’s graphene-like material into graphene and graphene-oxide derived hybrid materials through a variety of chemical modification approaches. The proposed research will occur at Western University and within the laboratories of 3M Canada in London, Ontario and will help 3M Canada produce a range of filtration membranes and charge-storage devices for distribution to the Canadian and global markets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joe Gilroy


Anastasia Colomba


3M Canada






Western University



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