Chemically upgradation and hybrid biocatalytic valorization of lignin into green aviation ligno-jet fuel and paraffinic hydrocarbons

‘Low-Carbon Fuels’ refer to fuels produced from biological and waste resources with lower lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels. This project, supported by Suncor and performed at Ryerson University, aims to explore the use of innovative biocatalytic and catalytic processes to produce drop-in ligno-biojet fuel from lignin. A single biochemical step will be utilized to convert degraded lignins into hydrocarbons, and after subsequent catalytic hydrodeoxygenation using novel catalysts, into aviation fuels. The use of second-generation feedstocks (e.g. forestry biomass and pulp mill waste) is the most attractive pathway to support the large-scale deployment of sustainable and economically attractive low-carbon biojet fuels in the near future. This project is well aligned with Suncor’s GHG performance goal of reducing the emissions intensity of their products by 30% by 2030, and is aligned with Canada’s plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yaser Dahman


Muhammad Ferhan


Suncor Energy Inc






Ryerson University



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