Chipless RF Sensing for E-smart Composite Pipeline Integrity

Recent pipeline projects in Canada and the US have attracted lots of attention due to their importance for our future economy and environment. In the proposed project University of Alberta and Shawcor propose to work together towards developing E-smart pipelines and creating defect free system. We will utilize the vast amount of emerging and cutting-edge technical know-how in wireless technologies and apply that for the benefit of our energy and environmental sectors. Such information provides the opportunity to intelligently develop defect free pipeline. The project will create synergy between three of Canada’s strategic sectors of Environment, Information & Communication Technologies, and Energy. In addition, it will provide the opportunity for capacity building to highly qualified personnel to the advance the state-of-the-art high-tech systems, making them ready to join the industry, protect the environment and optimize usage of Canada’s natural resources.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mojgan Daneshmand


Navid Hosseini;Sameir Deif;Morteza Lotfi Neyestanak;Zahra Abbasi



Engineering - computer / electrical


Oil and gas


University of Alberta



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