Climate change adaptation policy and practice: country case-study

The project will focus on a case-study of adaptation across scales in a single country (likely the applicant’s country of origin). The project is guided by the following research questions: What does adaptation look like in regions with limited formal and institutional reporting of adaptation action? In these regions, is adaptation absent, or is it occurring outside of governmental institutions (i.e. private industry or civil society)? At what scales and in what sectors is adaptation occurring, and what are the characteristics of adaptation stimuli and action? The project will systematically investigate, document, and critically assess the state of adaptation to climate change in the case-study country. This will include methodologies to systematically review and code (quantitative and/or qualitatively) a range of document sources, including on-line peer-reviewed and grey literature, and key policy documents, and well as possible phone or skype interviews with key informants. The project is targeted at the preparation of a paper in the style of a publishable manuscript.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lea Berrang Ford


Beatriz Araujo






McGill University



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