Clinical and Economic Assessment of Vitaphone 3100 BT External Loop Recorder


Vitaphone 3100 BT is a portable outpatient heart monitor that can be used to detect disturbances to the normal rhythmic beating of the heart (arrhythmia). Arrhythmia is associated with heart disease, heart failure and stroke. A clinical effectiveness and usability study will be conducted as well as an economic evaluation on the Vitaphone 3100 BT, and will be compared to other devices and techniquesfor detecting arrhythmia. The Vitaphone 3100 BT has the potential to produce more successful and accurate recordings of arrhythmia than its comparators, and if so, it could possibly lower morbidity and mortality rates. M-Health Solutions holds the rights to the Vitaphone 3100 BT in Canada and will benefit from these studies by having a more thorough understanding of the comparative effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the device.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ron Goeree


Meghann Gregg


M-Health Solutions


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Medical devices


McMaster University



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