Clinical Implementation of Contralateral Inhibition OAE Testing

The proposed research project seeks to develop protocols that will enable one to measure the functionality of the auditory brainstem in a way that is clinically viable and time efficient. This project aims to minimize the time necessary to conduct an inclusive otoacoustic emissions (OAE) test using contralateral acoustic stimulation. By setting threshold signal to noise ratios, outputs from the ear in response to specified pure tones centered around frequency levels imperative for understanding speech will be analysed. The analysis will look to highlight OAE responses above threshold to indicate efferent system functionality. The project will be a collaboration between Western and Vivosonic Inc., a reputable company focused on auditory diagnostics. Through this collaboration, it is expected that the partner will be able to develop software protocols that will allow them to conduct more objective testing using their system, thus increasing the usability and value of their technologies

Faculty Supervisor:

Prudence Allen


Maximilian Tran-Luong


Vivosonic Inc


Engineering - other






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