Cloud based Big Data Processing Architecture for Internet of Things

As future IoT infrastructure generates massive data in excess of exabytes, a unified architecture to handle Big Data is highly essential. Development of unified Big Data processing architecture for IoT infrastructure will provide a scalable and standard solution that addresses the problem of continuous increase in the volume of Big Data. Cloud networks provide necessary platforms as services that are needed for Big Data processing. Services offered through cloud networks are cost effective and energy efficient, which are essential objectives of
future green communications. In fact, a unified cloud based architecture for IoT infrastructure can be created for efficient handling of Big Data. For this reason, a Big Data Management solution for the cloud based architecture will be developed in this project and will be investigated from an operational perspective. In particular, we will propose data analysis and security schemes and they will be incorporated on a cloud platform. Such a study is directly beneficial for Mircom, the partner organization. It is struggling to manage inventory and
as a result working capitals due to an ever-expanding product line. Its manufacturing workflows will be better handled with the help of wireless asset tagging of all its assemblies and sub-assemblies. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Abdallah Shami


Sara Zimmo




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Western University



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