Cognitive Powertrain and Metaveillogrammetric sensing for transportation

There is massive growth in the area of smart cities (e.g. sensors in streetlights), smart cars, and “smart people” (sensors on people, e.g. wearable computing). In some cities like San Diego, there are cameras and microphones in nearly every streetlight in the downtown core area. Most cars made now have one or more cameras in them, and numerous other kinds of sensors are being invented. These sensors are important regarding autonomous vehicles as well as technologies for extended human intelligence and safety. We will research sensing and metasensing (the sensing of sensing) and develop new forms of sensing (camera-based sensing as well as phasecoherent sensing with active vision like sonar, and other sensors), and meta-sensing. Whereas there exists a large body of research on quantification of physical quantities like sound and light (e.g. illumination standards), the quantification of sensing has not been explored to the same degree.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steve Mann


Phillip Vinh Do;Danson Evan Lu Garcia;Jesse Hernandez


Ford Motor Company


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Toronto



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