Community Energy Profiles and the CASES Toolkit

The Community Energy Profiles and the CASES Toolkit project is part of a larger partnership involving 15 communities and 16+ private and public sector partner organizations in 4 countries. Co-led by Drs. Greg Poelzer and Bram Noble, the project includes 7 interns with interest in the areas of energy policy, impact assessment, economics, energy systems modeling, social innovation, and capacity building with Indigenous communities, industries, and governments. The benefits of the internships to our Canadian partner organizations are multiple and extend beyond the internships. Our partner organizations are the drivers behind the CASES initiative, are interested in helping train the next generation of energy planners and analysis to expand renewable energy networks across the North. Partner organizations will especially benefit from community energy profiles and assessment toolkits to support local renewables transition planning and management; access to and participation in the project’s data sharing and knowledge exchange platform; and learning from the collaborative approach of both CASES and internship opportunities, ensuring opportunities to learn from other utilities, industry partners, and communities about energy innovation solutions, governance, and ownership models.

Faculty Supervisor:

Greg Poelzer;Ken Belcher;Tony Chung;Bram Noble


Rhys McMaster;Renata Leonhardt;Peter Sigurdson;Bobbie Balicki;Anne Brigette Lim;Bo Hu








University of Saskatchewan



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