Community Engagement Processes in Entrepreneurial and Social Innovation

Many of Canada’s former resource towns are in a period of transition. The most successful often adaptively reuse the resources still available within the community: built resources as well as skills and cultural resources. This project develops a framework and toolkit of the creative processes in social innovation so that communities can reimagine themselves into vibrant relocalised networks that will create a more sustainable, healthy and reconnected world. In collaboration with ERA Architects’ program small, the project aims to develop community engagement specific to rural, resource towns in Canada to assist in the transition from resource-dependency to diversified, cultural economies. This project will include a review of best practice internationally and within Canada, to offer tailored, creative solutions for community engagement activities which identify and support the potential for diversified economic opportunities directly linked to the cultural heritage of the community and surrounding region.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ashok Mathur


Mike Unrau


ERA Architects


Cultural studies


Natural resources




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