Comparisons: Learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) in a Dominantly Non-English vs. a Dominantly English Speaking Culture

This research project will capture and analyze various aspects of the authentic Chinese education culture in the grade school English language learning environment, namely, the selected décor and physical layout of the classroom; the relationships between a student and his or her teacher and his or her peers; the resources and methods used to enhance the teaching of the English language; and the traditions/customs incorporated into the classroom environment. To achieve this goal, daily interactions with the teachers and students must be available to establish a professional/trusting relationship and anecdotes/observations, videos and pictures will be taken to capture differences for comparison and personal recollection. It is anticipated that the aforementioned set of observations will confirm the presumption that there will be notable differences between the English as an Additional Language classroom culture in China and an English as an Additional Language program found in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shijing Xu


Nevin MacLeod






University of Windsor



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