Comprehensive Evaluation of Animal Manure Composts and Fumigation to Improve Potato Yield in Manitoba

This project addresses two major needs of the agriculture sector in Manitoba. The shift from nitrogen based- to phosphorus-based manure management regulations has resulted in implementing liquid hog manure separation techniques as a phosphorus (P) balance strategy but it is uncertain as to how best to utilize the solid material with its very high P content. A second major need is to reduce Verticillium wilt and common scab of potato to improve potato yields. To address these identified needs, the proposed project is organized into eight objectives: 1) Determine if hog manure compost material can improve yield and tuber size of potato?, 2) Determine what rates of manure compost increase yields?, 3) Determine by what mechanisms manure composts improve marketable yields?, 4) Determine if reducing Verticillium levels in soil using Vapam fumigation increases marketable yield?, 5) Determine if there is an optimal rate of Vapam fumigation?, 6) Determine if there are relations between Verticillium numbers in soil and plant to disease incidence and yield?, 7) With our non-financial organization supervisor, develop a molecular diagnostic PCR assay to determine the occurrence of the common scab pathogen, Streptomyces, in Manitoba, and 8) Conduct outreach activities to convey the results of the project such as the benefit of composts, awareness of Verticillium wilt and Early Dying of Potato, importance of soil sampling for Verticillium, benefit of fumigation and role of common scab of potato in affecting potato yields and quality. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mario Tenuta


Oscar Molina


Manitoba Horticultural Productivity Enhancement Centre & Peak of the Market






University of Manitoba



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