Compressive Superresolution Projector

Research into so-called computational displays has shown that new and extended imaging modes can be made possible by augmenting novel optical design with computation. Examples include highdynamic range display via local LED backlights and multilayered autostereoscopic (glasses free 3D) displays. While there has been considerable progress in standard television form-factors, this line of research has only recently started to be explored for projectors. This project will examine the use of dual-modulated digital micromirror device (DMD) projector designs for the display of super-resolution content. Dual modulation refers to imaging one spatial modulator onto another in order to map each pixel of one modulator onto multiple pixels of the other. Spatial modulators may be LCD panels in standard displays or DMDs for projectors. The proposed design will be able to provide improved resolution to a variety of projection systems of the future, including digital cinema projectors, event setups, and home theater applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Wolfgang Heidrich


James Gregson


Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.


Computer science


Digital media


University of British Columbia



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