Computational Biochemistry Platform for Crop Health

The global population is rising, generating a need to produce more food to feed the world. Along with climate change, the food crops across the world are facing growing challenges from pests, pathogens and viruses that attack and destroy crops. In Canada, we export more than $7 billion worth of wheat every year. The Terramera-led Computational Biochemistry Platform project is tackling this crop loss with a research consortium bringing together 9 companies and research organizations. Simon Fraser University is an integral part of the consortium. The interns funded by the project will work on cutting edge technologies involving Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and Plant Pathology to accelerate research towards safer and cleaner pesticides for a sustainable future. Terremera will be able to develop a state of the art computational platform to significantly accelerate research aimed at reducing the synthetic pesticides required for sustainable food production.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ghassan Hamarneh;Mo Chen;Martin Ester


Oliver Snow;Atia Hamidi Zadeh;Dorsa Dadjooitavakoli;Atefeh Sahraeekhanghah;Lu Liu;Payam Nikdel;Darren Sutton;Carolina Partida Bujanda


Terramera Inc


Computer science



Simon Fraser University



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