Computational Design Research and Dissemination Methods: ACADIA 2013 Adaptive Architecture Conference

The goal of this project is to develop enhanced knowledge and gain applied experience through technical research, development and knowledge mobilization activities. The research topic is focused on adaptive architectures with a focus on computational design of environmentally responsive, intelligent, interactive, and reconfigurable structures. Working with Philip Beesley as academic chair of ACADIA 2013 and as principal of Philip Beesley Architect Inc. (PBAI), the intern will undertake practical research and knowledge mobilization activities contributing to ACADIA 2013 ADAPTIVE ARCHITECTURE, a major international conference to be hosted by the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture in October 2013. Philip Beesley Architect Inc. is the company responsible for developing the conference publications, graphics, and workshop programming of the conference. During this placement, the research intern will gain valuable knowledge equipping him with advanced research craft and knowledge of the state of the art, while the industrial partner will benefit from the significant gathering of international research and the opportunity to develop highly specialized technical and aesthetic systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John McMinn


Connor O’Grady, Sheida Shadi & May Wu


Philip Beesley Architect Inc.


Architecture and design



University of Waterloo



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