Computational performance enhancement of hand-held spectrometer

The intern will enhance the functionality of a hand-held gamma spectrometer produced by Environmental Instrument Canada (EIC). In order to improve the performance of the spectrometer, the control board will be switched to a higher spec microcontroller, and the firmware source code will be re-written from interpreted Javascript to C code. New functionality, including energy calibration, background subtraction, peak identification, isotope identification and enhanced spectrum display on local LCD, will be implemented to the extent that the microcontrollers’ resources allow. EIC will use the developed circuit boards, firmware, and enhanced functionality in their spectrometer product lines. These improvements in speed and functionality will expand the potential market for product and improve customer satisfaction. The new SoC and firmware base will also have applications in future product lines.

Faculty Supervisor:

Raymond Spiteri;Seok-bum Ko


Liu Tonghe


Environmental Instruments Canada Inc.


Computer science



University of Saskatchewan



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