Conceptual study of the techno-economic effects of straight drilling on mining operations

Conventional mining activities are composed of four distinct operation coming together. These operations are called; drilling, blasting, loading and hauling. As being the first step in this chain of operations, drilling quality and preciseness is very vital for the success and effectiveness of remaining components. Accurate drilling not only saves time to the company but also saves from costs and resources. In this sense, mining machinery manufacturing leaders have been working on the best technology available to better drilling accuracy with sophisticated tools and expertise. This study aims to investigate associated saving potentials with a detailed identification and assessment of all the contributing physical factors from mine to mill by focusing on a brand new straight drilling technology developed by Sandvik.

Faculty Supervisor:

Seyed Ali Ghoreishi-Madiseh


Ali Kuyuk


Sandvik Mining and Construction Canada Inc.


Engineering - other


Mining and quarrying




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