Conductance detectors using microfabricated electrodes

Universal NanoSensor Technologies (UNS-Tech) develops and commercializes microfabricated conductivity detectors. In this MITACS cluster, UNS-Tech will partner with Prof. Young-June Kim to test UNS-Tech’s patented silicon microchip conductance detectors and to explore new detector architectures based on micro- and nano-patterned thin metal films. The results will be analyzed and the findings will be published in scientific journals. Interns participating in this cluster will benefit from this internship by gaining tremendous knowledge of electronics-based detectors. Working in a start-up environment will provide interns with an invaluable experience and enhance their training as highly qualified personnel as they prepare to enter the Canadian work force. UNS-Tech – an Ontario-based start-up – will benefit by demonstrating a proof-of-principle application of its silicon-based detector technology and exploring new phenomena in metal film-based architectures for potential application. Achieving successful proof-of-principle tests in a university setting and publishing the results would be critical benchmarks for UNS-Tech before moving onto product development of beta phase products and, thereafter, successful commercialization will require employing more Ontarians and will, in turn, benefit both Ontario and Canada. The supervisor will benefit by receiving funding that will enable him to mentor students and publish papers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Young-June Kim


Alexander Su, Monique Tie, Hassan SeifiFini & Andreea Lupascu


Universal NanoSensor Technologies (UNS – Tech)


Physics / Astronomy




University of Toronto



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