Conducting Enterprise Architecture in the Context of an SME that is Adopting an ERP

Despite the vast literature that has accumulated around ERP technologies over the years, there is still a great need to better our understanding of the forces at play in the adoption of ERP technologies, and this, particularly in the context of small and medium size organizations. In addition, the field of enterprise architecture (EA) has been emerging as a technology for helping organizations cope with complexities of technology adoption and organizational transformation (Lapalme & de Guerre, 2013). Accordinly, EA can be a useful technology for helping organizations with the complexities of adopting ERP technologies. However, similarly to the literature on ERP technologies, very little literature exist on the use of EA in the context of SME. This project proposal offers an interesting opportunity to expand what is known about the adoption of ERP technologies and the execution of EA in the context of small organizations through field research with an industrial partner that is trying to adopt the former technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

James Lapalme


Sandrine Thiombiano


Portes et Fenêtres Océan Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


École de technologie supérieure



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