Configuration Design, Modeling, and Simulation of the Smart Hybrid DC-AC Microgrid

The smart hybrid DC-AC microgrid is an emerging technology with remarkable potential benefits such as (i) facilitating integration of distributed energy resources and renewables, (ii) improving reliability and quality of the electrical energy supplied to the consumers, (iii) increasing the efficiency of power generation, transmission, and distribution systems, and (iv) facilitating implementation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The results of this project will facilitate development and reliable operation of the future hybrid DC-AC microgrids by (i) provide detailed and accurate understanding of the possible configurations, and characteristics of the smart hybrid microgrid, and (ii) identifying design strategies to optimize the system characteristics and performance. The results of this project will support a Green Municipal Fund feasibility study conducted by S2E Technologies Inc.

Faculty Supervisor:

Firouz Badrkhani Ajaei


Jafar Mohammadi


S2E Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




Western University



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